No internet?


Please read

If you have issues with specific websites only and have checked our guide on running flash, please submit a ticket.  Please paste into the ticket the name/s of the website/s you are having issue with.

If you can access the internet but not the school drives such as Staff Share please submit a ticket

No internet AND network

If you have have no internet AND no network drives (e.g staff share) follow these steps:

  • If you normally connect by wifi, check your wifi settings to make sure you are connected to your school wifi system.  To do this, click on the 'wifi' symbol in your taskbar. 


  • In the list of wifi entries that pop up, confirm you are connected the school wifi system.  If this is not the case,  identify your wifi and click 'connect' - at this point you will need to enter your wifi password.


  • When clicking on the wifi symbol, you may see that wifi is 'unavailable' and grayed out (much like 'Airplane mode' box in the image above).  If this is the case, click on the box with the wifi symbol in it to enable it.  You should now see that wifi is 'available' (as in the image above).  If you are using a laptop, you may also have a shortcut on your keyboard to enable wifi (this is usually done by pressing both the 'fn' key (bottom left on your keyboard) and an 'F' key simultaneously.  In the case below, this is the 'F3' key.


  • If you are connected to the network by cable, check that both ends are seated securely.



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