No Sound?

Checklist for sound issues

  • Make sure that volume is turned up on your laptop and speaker system/touchscreen.  Check your computer first - it is easy to accidentally mute sound in Windows.   Right click the sound icon in the bottom right of your task-bar and select 'open volume mixer'; in the box that pops up un-mute the faders:


  • Check that speakers and amp are switched on and that the correct channel is selected on the amp which powers the speakers.  Depending on your equipment, the channel on your amp maybe called something like 'aux', 'line-in', CD, DVD...Your speakers may not need a separate amp so its time to check cables
  • Check that HDMI cables (if used) are seated securely (both ends).
  • Check that your audio cable is in the correct socket on your laptop/desktop and is seated securely.  The symbol to look for is the headphone symbol and not the microphone symbol.   It is likely that you will not have an audio cable if you are using HDMI - though this is not always the case.

Still no sound?

Dig into your system sound settings by clicking on the Windows Start icon and searching 'sound'.  Click the result that says 'Sound' or 'Sound - control panel'.

In the 'Sound' box which appears, select the 'Playback' tab.   If you are using HDMI and no sound is coming out of your screen, try setting your HDMI device as 'default'.  Select your HDMI device and click 'Set Default'. 





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