How to change or reset your Google Apps password.

If you know your password follow these steps.

  • Go to and login using your email and password.
  • Under Sign-in & security click “Signing in to Google”.
  • Under Password & sign-in method click Password and re-enter your password.
  • You should then be prompt with the option to enter your new password.

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If you do not know your password but you know your alternate email address follow these steps.

  • Go to and click on “Need help?”
  • Select “I don’t know my password”, enter your email and click continue.

Note: If at this point you receive the following message then resetting your password in this manner is not possible and you will need to contact whoever administrates your emails.

“Please contact your domain IT administrator to reset your password or retrieve your username.”

  • Enter any old passwords you may or may not remember or click I don’t know then click continue.
  • Click continue and google should email you a password reset link to the alternate email address associated with your account.
  • Open the password reset email and click on the link, you will then be able to reset your password.

Video: Click Here


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